…and our TV…

Each night after supper we read some scripture, talk about it, then have a few minutes of intercessory prayer. RevMrKnowTea opens the prayer and then we all each have time to lift up those for whom we wish to lift in prayer. Sometimes it’s just a name said knowing God knows the need, sometimes it’s […]

Christmas Parade

So today was a very busy day. I tweeted about having a super secret date with Santa and hitting the road just for that date. Santa and I had some very important discussions about wish lists and whether we had good or bad boys and girls in my house. The consensus was that they were […]


I didn’t get a pic done yesterday for the December Photo Project. But that is the kind of day yesterday was. I had a very interesting facebook commenting conversation with a sweet friend yesterday. I guess it really was funny more than interesting. She kept asking me how the weather was. Or if I had […]


I love ginger cookies. I love gingerbread. I love ginger ale. I love many things ginger. When I think of December one of the things that comes to mind is my absolute favorites: Pepparkakor. I could live on these. I’d do most anything for these. My sweet friends in Shreveport brought me us me (fine) […]

Bokeh Practice

I love bokeh. I don’t understand how to make it happen on purpose so I set out trying to learn. The holidays are a great time to practice with all the lights, especially Christmas tree lights. regular bokeh After we decorated our tree tonight I set out playing with a home made snowflake (faux) filter […]

Christmas Crafting

December Photo for the 6th. December Photo Project ’09 set


I guess I made that word up. This cold weather blew in very fast. Every place around us, but where we live, got snow. The children overheard the Weather Channel say the word snow for our area and I lost them completely for a bit yesterday. They completely ignored the words possible and % chance […]

Samantha says…

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A love-hate conundrum

My hair and I have a love/hate relationship. Really. I am not a vain person. I could be, easily. I am not a high maintenance wife. I could be, and love it. I could thoroughly enjoy a day at a spa with a manicure (I’ve had two for those before) and a pedicure (I’ve never […]

My stash

The stash of Christmas candy in my office (area). Mmm, peppermint and chocolate. Pass the hot cocoa please. December Photo Project ’09 set